Self Reflection Term 3 Week 1

This week was my first week back at school for term 3.

During the week, I was learning about fractions of a collection and how to analyse a worded problem.

Today I’m going to share with you how I work out fractions of a collection.

So lets say my problem is 1/3 of 24, the way to work it out is to divide the collection, which is 24, by the denominator, which is 3. The answer is 8, then you times the 8 by the  numerator, which is 1, so in our case we just keep the number the same because 8 times 1 is 8 and that’s your answer.

I did art on Thursday, we made an optical illusion using a ruler, a piece of paper, a grey lead pencil and coloured pencils. I ruled horizontal lines across the page with 1cm spacing. then, I traced around my hand, after i did that, I made a curved line going from one side of a finger to the other side, connecting to the line closest to it. I did that for a while and when I finished, I coloured in the lines. my illusion didn’t work because I accidentally traced around the hand in black texter, oh well, next time I’ll remember not to do that.

other then that, thanks for reading,



Self Reflection Term 3 – Week 6

This week we did lots of work on finishing off different work.

For English my class read a book called ‘The Stone Lion’ By Margaret Wild.  I learnt that even the smallest things you do for someone can make a difference and the secret to happiness is being surrounded by people who love and care about you.

In maths I learnt about decimals and how important it is to make sure the decimal is in the right place. I also learnt that you should always double check your answer to make sure it’s right because sometimes you miss small details in your working out.

In art, we drew a sketch of the stone lion and sketching was harder than it sounds, believe me. When Sketching, you must not worry about the detail until last, sketching is done quickly and roughly. I found it quite a challenge but I managed and I found my sketch was actually better than when I drew slowly.

This week was a challenging but fun one and I’m sure next week will be even better!



Week 5 Reflection

This week was jam packed with fun activities and learning opportunities.

In English this week I learnt that when using commas, the last but one item in a list is usually joined with the word ‘and’ instead of a comma. Also, adding commas can increase the amount of information in a sentence.

I learnt a lot about solar panels this week thanks to all the time we’ve gotten to work on our Inquiry projects. I learnt that one of the main reasons people don’t get solar panels is because they can’t work while its cloudy or at night unless you get lots more solar panels and store all the excess energy in a giant battery.

In Maths I’ve learnt about decimals and how to convert decimals into fractions, eg: 0.22 as a fraction is 22/100.

I’m very excited for next week because I know it will be just as fun as this one was.

This weeks challenge (Week 8) is Lets Travel, for this challenge I’m planning a trip to my chosen country, England, I’ll be staying in England for a month. The date I’ll be going is 17/06/15 to the 17/07/15

I’m going to be going to England because I have family over there, I’ll be staying where the majority of my family live, London. Because London is so far away, I’ll travelling by plane.I’m going First Class from Melbourne, Australia to London (Heathrow). My travelling cost will be $10,068.

I’ll be staying at the Arora Hotel Heathrow. The price for 30 nights is $5,039.

Instead of paying a big bill for getting a taxi I’ll be renting a car, the price of the car I’m hiring is $3594.27.

I’m very excited for my trip to England!

(not a real trip)



My Passion

When I’m not bending and stretching, my passion is Music.

I have loved music since I could remember, I’ve always been a very musical child even when I was little. The very first time I ever memorized and sang all the lyrics to a song was when I was only 3 years old.

Singing is a big deal for me because my friends, family and cousins all love to sing, I sing wherever I go, in the shower, while I’m in the kitchen making food, while I’m doing my hair, even while I’m stretching.

At one of my past schools, they had a talent show and I was a finalist in it, I was only 9 years old against some 13 year olds!

Music has made me who I am today, I was bullied very heavily when I was younger and music helped me through it, my singing class was the only place I felt comfortable and confident and it has definitely helped my self-esteem.

thanks for reading.




From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Evil Clowns, Halloween is full of colour, the moment you step out onto your main street there are lots and lots of people, all brightly dressed and walking around for the same reason, free candy.

Halloween is the one time of the year when it doesn’t matter how much sugar you eat. The only price? You have to dress up, but let’s be honest, it’s not really a punishment.

Halloween can also be celebrated in other ways, such as, carving pumpkins, throwing parties and watching scary movies.

The original idea of Halloween comes from the Spanish tradition, Dia de Muertos which is also commonly referred to as Day Of The Dead.

Thanks for reading.


Week 6

Welcome back,

Today’s post is week 6’s challenge, which is all about board games. I have chosen activity number 3, Your family are stranded on a deserted island, with nothing but your clothes. How will you entertain yourselves?

If my family were stranded on a deserted island with nothing but our clothes, to entertain ourselves we would, make shelter, find food, climb trees, swim in the water, and I would do gymnastics on the beach.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!